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BOOB, Caroline PhillipsRecent projects



Biased Objects Objective Bodies

Karryn Argus, Stephanie Leigh, Caroline Phillips

at KINGS Artist Run


Exhibition dates, October 1 – 22, 2016.

Launch event, Friday September 30, 6-8pm.

A collaborative installation of sculptural works by Karryn Argus, Stephanie Leigh and Caroline Phillips, BOOB examines the relationship between bodies and objects through abstraction and materiality. These three artists make things out of timber, fabric, rope and soft stuff that amalgamates in seductive, feminised objects. Their differing forms encompass de-constructed bodies and simplified shapes, formed through handmade and industrialised processes. BOOB questions regimes of power and control, proposing alternate frameworks of elasticity, relation and fun.

This is a 2016 Melbourne Fringe festival event.




A group show of sculpture by Susan Andrews, Susan Buret, Caroline Phillips, Eden Plaisted, Alan Rose and Lisa Tolcher

at Factory 49


Exhibition dates October 13 – 23, 2016

Launch event, Wednesday, October 12, 6-8pm


Looking Ahead…..

NARS Foundation New York

International Artists’ Residency,

Brooklyn, New York

July – September, 2017




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