Research and Curatorial News

Outtakes Out Now! – Launch details coming soon…

Materialising the interval: Relationality as a feminist art practice is now published in

Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes,

Edited by Jacquline Millner and Catriona Moore,

2018, Routledge, Oxon (UK) and New York

Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes (e-Book) book cover



Conspicuous Presence

A Women’s Art Register collaborative curatorial project,

Trocadero Artspace, Guest Curator Program for International Women’s Day 2018

Conspicuous Presence makes visible the work of five Australian artists, all Women of Colour. Through the heightened material presence of their work, the artists’ deploy conspicuous methods of commanding our attention; accentuating materiality, embracing a highly charged and embodied physicality, and gleaning our sensory reactions through their processes of making.

The contemporary politics of feminist art demand that Women of Colour are given a platform. The Women’s Art Register, historically inclusive of a wide range of cultural and political identities, shares this special IWD platform with these contemporary artists, who make known their powerful identities and intersectional experiences through their materially charged practices. Conspicuous Presence recognises their visibility, acknowledges their presence and respects their voices.











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