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Conspicuous Presence

Conspicuous Presence

A Women’s Art Register collaborative curatorial project,

21 February to 10 March, 2018,

including an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon,

Trocadero Artspace, Guest Curator Program for International Women’s Day 2018

l-r works by Khi-Lee Thorpe, Ema Shin, Su Yang 

l-r works by Su yang, Ema Shin, Georgia MacGuire 

l-r works by Sofi Basseghi, Ema shin, Sofi Basseghi

Gallery 2, Women's Art Register archives, curated by Juliette Peers

Conspicuous Presence makes visible the work of five Australian Women Artists of Colour. Through the heightened material presence of their work, the artists’ deploy conspicuous methods of commanding our attention; accentuating materiality, embracing a highly charged and embodied physicality, and gleaning our sensory reactions through their processes of making.

The contemporary politics of feminist art demand that Women of Colour are given a platform. The Women’s Art Register, historically inclusive of a wide range of cultural and political identities, shares this special IWD platform with these five contemporary artists, who make known their powerful identities and intersectional experiences through their materially charged practices. Conspicuous Presence recognises their visibility, acknowledges their presence and respects their voices.






Doing Feminism / Sharing the World

Doing Feminism / Sharing the World

December 1, 2017 – February 26, 2108

Assistant Curator

Doing Feminism/Sharing the World is a three-month program of artist residencies, performances, artists’ talks, seminars and screenings.

Artists working in collaboration create participatory public projects informed by a feminist ethics that addresses the theme ‘sharing the world’.


 Nat Thomas and Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective (VIC), “The Two Cathies” – Catherine Bell and and Cathy Staughton (Arts Project Australia) (VIC), Favour Economy (Claire Field, Alex Pedley and Bronwyn Treacy, NSW), Sisters Akousmatica (Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin, TAS), Sleepover Club (Miriam Arbus and Elise Arumets, VIC), Snapcat (Renae Coles & Anna Dunnill, WA), Sunday School (Kelly Doley and Di Smith, NSW) LEVEL  (Rachael Haynes, Courtney Coombs,  Courtney Pederson and Caitlin Franzmann, QLD),  Art/Mums Collective (Claire Rae, Nina Ross, Claudia Phares and Eugenia Lim, VIC), Feminist Colour-IN (Kim Donaldson and Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, VIC), Open Circle: Sapna Chandu and Jane Norman

The Doing Feminism/Sharing the World program has been curated by Anne Marsh and Caroline Phillips. Part of the Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Women, Feminism and Art in Australia since 1970, the residency is being held in association with the Victorian College of the Arts, Norma Redpath House.

Images l-r: Favour Economy, Feminist ColourIn, LEVEL We need to talk (Recipe for Revolution) 2014, Picnic on Maiwar Green, GOMA, Brisbane, Sleepover Club, Snap cat – The Lightning Furies (photo by Kristinn Hermanniusson),  Sunday School, Cold Calling a Revolution, 2014-15, Cathy Staughton – Cathy Staughton, Catherine Bell 2010,The Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective.



Various Existential Angsts

Various Existential Angsts,

Caroline Phillips, Goddess & Untitled (mustard), 2017, recycled textile, recycled plastic, acrylic rope, velcro, foam rubber. Installation view, NARS Foundation Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

NARS Foundation New York,

Summer 2017 Residency Exhibition

September 8-25,

NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY

Artists: Ekin Balcioglu (USA/Turkey), Rachel Garber Cole (USA), Janna Dyk (USA), Jackie Feng (USA), Bas Geerts, (Netherlands), Joshua Liebowitz (USA), Bryan Martello (USA), Amaia Marzabal (Spain), Caroline Phillips (Australia), Kara Springer (Canada).




Free Love Hurts



Council of People’s Commissars in Smolny Palace, Petrograd, circa December 1917. Alexandra Kollontai at centre, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin to her right. Image in the public domain, colour manipulated by Rachel Pearce


Bon Mott – Edward Ounapuu – Caroline Phillips – Jennifer Rooke – Callum Royle – Siying Zhou

Mailbox Art Space,

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

2 August – 2 September 2017
Opening night: Thursday 3 August, 6-8pm

This exhibition asks six contemporary artists to respond to the radical Soviet feminist activism of Alexandra Kollontai. A sexual revolutionary, an author and a diplomat, Kollontai served as one of the first women in the Bolshevik government’s inner circle after the 1917 Russian Revolution. She fought female oppression and argued that women’s emancipation should extend to their sexuality, as well as their traditional roles in society.

As many of Kollontai’s policies were overturned by Stalin in the 1920s, this exhibition stands as a reminder of feminism’s troubled path, and its powerfully optimistic future.

Curated by Rachel Pearce and Andrée Ruggeri

9×5 NOW

9 X 5 NOW


Caroline Phillips, Black Mirror, 2017, recycled rubber, plastic, adhesive paper, builder’s twine on board, 9x5inches


Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne

16–25 June, 2017

This exhibition formed a central part of the ART150 programme at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. The exhibition showcased generations of practicing artists who have studied or taught at the National Gallery School or VCA Art referencing the famous 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition held at the Buxton Rooms, Swanston Street Melbourne in 1889.

See here for an interview with 9×5 NOW curator, Elizabeth Gower

View the online catalogue here

f generation: feminism, art, progressions

f generation- high res


f generation: feminism, art, progressions

A collaborative project by Caroline Phillips, Veronica Caven Aldous and Dr Juliette Peers.

2015 marked the fortieth anniversary of International Women’s Year and the series of groundbreaking feminist art activities that took place at George Paton Gallery at the University of Melbourne Student Union, including a lecture by renowned feminist curator Lucy Lippard,  artist slide shows, consciousness-raising sessions, and exhibitions. f generation: feminism, art, progressions showed 96 artworks, involving responses from over 140 artists, students, theorists and feminist commentators- a contemporary polylogue of responses that opened out history making into many voices.

George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

October 7-16, 2015.

More details here

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