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quietNOISE, Installation view, Chapman and Bailey, 2014

works l-r: Skulk, 2013, chenille stems, rubber octopus straps; Equilibrium #1, 2012, recycled plastic and rubber, wire, rubber tie-down strap; Untitled, 2013, rubber octopus straps, rubber; Skulk, 2013, octopus straps, recycled leather; Equilibrium #2, rubber octopus straps, recycled rubber

Chapman and Bailey Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne

February 14 -March 15, 2014

A group exhibition which featured five contemporary artists who live and work in Melbourne – Corinna Berndt, Dawn Csutoros, Sara Lindsay, Caroline Phillips  and Filomena Coppola. Curated by Chapman and Bailey.

Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus

Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus 1

Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus 2

Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus 3

Technopia Tours Feminist Art Bus 4

All photos by Kate Robertson

On Saturday MARCH 8, International Women’s Day, Kim Donaldson and Caroline Phillips joined forces to present the

Technopia Tours – Feminist Art Bus

Technopia Tours, a curatorial initiative of Kim Donaldson, uses the notion of tourism to create new and unexpected realities as it negotiates with place and people through a performative, embodied paradigm ( Caroline Phillips’ project The F Word – Contemporary Feminist Art in Australia engages communities and artists through current discourses on art, feminism and exchange.

Special guests included: Laura Castagnini, Ebony Gulliver, Susan Hewitt, Kate Just, Lyndal Jones, Dot Kett, Vicki Kinai
Penelope Lee, Justine Makdessi, Elvis Richardson, Kate Robertson, Nat Thomas, Kalinda Vary, Inez de Vega

The Technopia Tours – Feminist Art Bus is supported by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and The f Word project and launched the public program of the VCA Research Cluster, Matters of the Body (

Technopia Tours Stamp

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